Negotiating and accepting an offer

Once the hiring company has decided that you are the candidate they want, the final stages of salary negotiation and offer of employment take place. There are a few things to remember here:

Be open and transparent with your consultant

Your people2people consultant wants to get you the very best deal possible, so it is important you work with them openly. Generally, you will have agreed on a target salary for the position at the beginning of the process, but if your expectations change as you explore the role further, it is important you discuss this with your consultant.

This is what they do every day, so you can be confident they are well equipped to handle the negotiations with a prospective employer. The more information your consultant has, the better prepared they will be to get you the best deal.

Determine if negotiation is an option or not

Many roles have a fixed salary range from which employers cannot budge, even if they want to. Your people2people consultant will advise you on this throughout the recruitment process. If you interview for a role on the understanding that it offers a particular salary, you should be prepared to accept that salary (unless the scope of the role changes dramatically).

Don’t interview for a role paying well below your salary expectations and then try to negotiate up; it will only frustrate everyone involved. Senior and highly specialised roles can have salary ranges that are more open to negotiation – once again, your consultant can guide you.

Consider the whole package

Try not to focus solely on the salary; think back to what is important to you and consider how the role on offer meets those needs. Things like flexibility, proximity to home, career development and company culture can all be huge benefits. Yes, the salary is important, but be sure to consider the total package.

Accepting an offer

Once you have received an offer, it is reasonable to take some time to think it through (generally 24 hours). If you have any questions or concerns, you should discuss them with your consultant. Once you accept the offer, your consultant will ensure you get it in writing. Don’t resign from your current position until you have received this written confirmation.