What are interviewers looking for?

We’ve established that an interview is a chance for both parties to work out if there is a ‘fit’ between them. In order to do this, the interviewer will generally want to determine three key things:

Can you do the job?

The interviewer will want to determine if you have the skills and aptitude (capability) to do the job required. Questions around capability will focus on your skills, experience and achievements – the interviewer will be looking to confirm that you do indeed have the skills and experience you have indicated on your CV/resume. Essentially, they are looking for you to verify that you can do the job! Competency questions may also be asked to assess your capabilities – we will explore these later.

Will you stick around?

Your interviewer will want to confirm that you will be committed to the role for a reasonable time frame. (The last thing they want to do is recruit the role again in six months!) Expect questions regarding your long term career goals, your likes and dislikes (in terms of the work you do), why you are interested in working with this particular organisation, and your motivation for applying for the position.

Will you fit in?

Finally (and very importantly), your interviewers will want to determine if you will fit in with the culture and team dynamic of the organisation. They will want to ensure there is a fit between your personality and preferred work style and the way they do things. Questions relating to culture fit can revolve around your values and motivations, your preferred management style, the type of work environment you most enjoy, and what’s important to you when considering joining an organisation.