You’ve got the job! It’s time to prepare to start in your new role

Congratulations – you’ve got the job! Once the celebrations are over, it’s time to prepare to start in your new role. Upon accepting the position, you are welcome to thank the hiring manager, perhaps a short email, however it’s best practice to direct any contract queries to your people2people consultant to manage. It’s important for you to continue working to you usual high standard and complete any projects you have committed to during your notice period.

A good departure sets the scene for a great beginning in your new role As your start date approaches, it’s time to start thinking about your attire for your first few weeks. As a guide, wear similar attire to what your wore in your interviews, once you are in your role you will be able to gauge suitable day to day attire for your new organisation. It’s time to start investigating your various transport routes and timetables to ensure you leave yourself plenty of time and now is probably not the best time for an extreme makeover.

During your first week, do check in with your p2p consultant and let them know how you are settling in. It is also very important to listen, you can learn a lot about your new jobs by just understanding what is going on around you. If you do not understand something , ask for it to be clarified. Day to day queries are best answered by your Manager or Supervisor, however please keep you people2people consultant up to date with any feedback. Leave personal phone calls, text messages and social media to outside of business hours. After all, this is your time to fulfil all of those promises you made in your interviews! Settling into a new role takes time, remember you didn’t learn your last role in a week did you? Be confident, you have been expertly matched to your new role by your people2people consultant. Ask questions, take notes and show initiative, and remember your people2people consultant is only a phone call away should you need to contact them if any issues do arise.

Wishing you all the best of luck with your new position! Futhermore, if you are considering a new staff member for your team, are looking for a new role for yourself or are simply curious about what you can expect in the current market, please contact Meaghan Gleeson at people2people directly on 8270 9706.